Odisea Bali Contractor - Meet Our Building Team

We are a registered Building and Interior Fit-Out Contractor in Bali, for Residential and Commercial Projects. Our priority is to offer the top quality and the best customer service to all our clients.

Our success is based on two fundamental pillars:


  • Provide Exceptional Customer Service
  • Execution of High-Quality Construction

Our team is formed by experienced and professional designers, engineers, project managers, construction site managers and skilled workers, working together with one shared purpose: to offer the most exclusive and dedicated services to all our Clients, with full attention to detail and with full inspiration and passion for what we do "Transform your Bali Dream Project into Reality“.

Silo Wau Odisea Bali Contractor Director

Silo Wau




Silo Wau, Indonesian Citizen, has been involved in the tourism and building industry for more than 15 years and is highly experienced in business management, project management, staff management and client´s relations.


With a very extended professional experience in the building sector working for Humanitarian Oganizations in North Sumatra and later on in Bali working for several years for private contractors, he finally created ODISEA BALI CONTRACTOR with the main vision to offer exclusive building services, with full attention to detail, and deliver reliable and customized services to ensure full client satisfaction.

Elisabete Belaunde Advisor Odisea Bali business development

Elisabete Belaunde


Advisor - Project Manager & Property Consultant


Elisabete Belaunde, a Spanish Engineer with postgraduate studies in Rehabilitation of Buildings, Renewable Energies and Water Supply Installations, who brings more than 18 years of professional experience to our Company. She has been working for a diverse range of private companies and humanitarian organizations in countries like Spain, Australia, China, India, Syria, Yemen and Indonesia, that is her second home.


She has a very strong knowledge and experience in the building and interior fit-out sector in Indonesia, and besides an excellent knowledge about the process for searching and acquiring Real Estate Property in Bali. 



Advisor - Interior Designer and Q&A

Pak. Anto


Senior Construction Manager

Our Construction Team

Odisea Bali contractor building team

We are extremely proud of our construction team here at Odisea Bali Contractor.

Every member of the team is unique and has their own skills and specialities while working well together for a common purpose, to provide the best service to our clients.

Creative and passionate. That`s who we are.