Odisea Bali Contractor - Project Management

Turnkey Projects in Bali

We will undertakes all things necessary for the design and construction of the Villa Project or Interior Fit-Out Project, from inception to completion, ready for the use of the Client.


We work with our Partners in Bali, the best Architects, Interior Designers, Civil and MEP Engineers, Consultants, Geotechnical Experts, local Building Permit Agents, etc... to deliver your Project with our goal to always exceed your expectations.


Wether you are in Bali or overseas, you can relax and completely rely on our Project Manager who will take care completely of your Project with full attention to detail and keeping you constantlly informed about the progress.

Search for New Land or Villa Property

Wether you are looking for a stunning beachfront or cliff-front land plot in Bali, or a villa property in busy Kuta or Canggu area, we are here to help you.


Thanks to our extensive network with Real Estate Agents in Bali, we can help you to find the best opportunities on the market. We can also visit the properties on your behalf and send you the inspection report with photos and videos.


For a villa purchase, we can also inspect the property and advise you on the required renovation works and estimated cost so you may take an informed decision.

Construction Project Manager

As Project Managers for your Villa Construction Project or Interior Renovation Project in Bali Island, we will take care of all the project details: design revision, budget and time schedule preparation and follow up, regular site visits and works supervision, works progress preparation, quality control, materials procurement, tender management, etc...

Search for a Business in Bali

After consultation with our Project Manager, in order to understand your interests and the type of business you are interested about, we will be able to find the best opportunities available in the market.


Wether it is a rental villa, a restaurant, a café, a SPA, etc...we can also help you to estimate the project cost in order to prepare the business plan.