Odisea Bali Contractor - We Answer Your Questions

1.How to get Building Permit or IMB for a Villa in Bali?

Ijin Mendirikan Bangunan (IMB) which means “Permit to Establish a Building” is known as the “Building Permit”. After the Land Certificate the IMB is probably the most important document regarding properties in Indonesia.


The Building Permit is not only a permit to carry out the initial building but it also continues through the building's life as a Registration Document: The Building Permit defines (through a pile of associated documents that are lodged with the application) the specification of the building that is or has been built and the purpose the building can be used for. Local authorities may carry out checks to make sure that houses have IMBs, that the building usage matches the IMB and also that the building taxes have been paid.


Obtaining an IMB is the responsibility of the owner of the building. Permits are issued by the “Dinas Tata Ruang Kota dan Pemukiman” which means the “Department of Town Planning and Settlements”. With the IMB certificate comes a metal plate to be mounted at the front of the building. Compliance with building regulations is checked in the IMB process.

2.How much does it cost to build a Villa in Bali?

This is a basic rule of thumb that considers an average building price per built m2 depending on the quality or construction standard, to roughly estimate building costs without any consideration of the type of terrain or any other factors. This average cost can start in 5million IDR per m2 for a basic standard and go up to +15million IDR for the highest standard or luxurious building standard. The final price of the building depends on many factors: location and access, type of terrain, design, materials specifications, building techniques, workforce expertise, contractor`s benefit and others. For this reason our Company always prepares a detailed Bill of Quantities for our Clients.

3.Are there cheap houses in Bali for renovation?

There are a large number of home properties for sale in the Bali Real Estate market with a value less than 1,000,000,000 IDR what makes them very interesting for investment purposes. Most of the properties might be old 2 bedroom houses on a small land property (around 100m2), generally in one floor, that might require renovation works. We have a selection of Properties that we consider excellent opportunities either because its location or because the house condition, but please feel free to contact us for more information if you are looking for this type of house property in Bali.

4.How long does it take to build a Villa in Bali?

The process of constructing a Villa, on average, can take around 6 months, but of course this depends on the location, architectural design and size of the Villa. This duration does not take into account the time required for preparing the Architectural and Interior Design, obtaining the IMB or Building Permit plus other related activities.

5. Can foreigners own land property in Indonesia?

By Indonesian Agrarian Law "Only Indonesian citizens can have a Hak Milik (freehold land title)." Foreigners are not allowed to own land in Indonesia. We recommend our clients to always consult with a legal team in Bali to understand the different modalities to invest in Property in Bali Island. Thanks to our extensive network in the Real Estate sector we can provide the right contacts if necessary.

6.Can foreigners lease land or property in Indonesia?

Foreigners can lease land in Indonesia either as a Government land title (Hak Pakai) or as a private leasehold (Hak Sewa). Leasehold is usually for 25 years with the option to extend (please always check with a Lawyer the up-to-date full conditions)

7.What type of Property Maintenance Services does your Company offer in Bali?

We offer Maintenance Service not only for Residential Properties, but also for hotels, offices, shops, restaurants, etc...

First our technical team will implement the detailed inspection of your Property, that might include:

- Building condition (exterior, interior, structure, roofing...)

- Air conditioning system

- Water supply system including tanks, pumps, boreholes and wells, water heaters, filtration systems...

- Wastewater and sanitation systems including fixtures, septic tanks, floor drainages, etc...

- Electrical installation including distribution panels, voltage regulators, wiring, generators, sockets...

- Lighting system.

- Pool condition and equipment

Based on the inspection results, we prepare a detailed budget or BOQ of the repairs and maintenance works needed for your Property to be back in perfect condition, for further discussion and mutual agreement.

8.Does your Company subcontract the building or renovation projects?

We are a Contractor Company. WE implement all our building and renovation Projects with our OWN team. We have our own team of construction workers and the best Construction Managers in Bali. We do not subcontract to local contractors, as other Consultant Companies or Construction Management Companies might do. This means that we are fully responsible for the costing, quality and timing of our Projects for our Clients. So there are no intermediaries.