Physical Barriers and Space Solutions for Social Distancing in Bali

Please find here the products to ensure the compliance with the Social Distancing Measures, for your business to protect customers and employees from COVID-19 epidemic and adapt to the "New Normal":

Hygienic Barriers

Protective hygienic barriers to avoid the spread of COVID-19 in public shared spaces. Fully customized, freestanding movable or fixed, all types of partitions available for your business.

  • Movable Partitions
  • Fixed Partitions
  • Countertop shield with opening
  • Sneeze guards
  • Desk protecting shield or partition
  • PVC antiviral rollerscreen
  • PVC hanging divider
  • Protecting greenhouse cabins

Floor Signage

Social distancing floor decals and floor markers to remind customers and employees to keep their distance and to ensure a safer environment for all.

Walk Through Access Control

Regulated access control systems to ensure a safe passage of visitors, customers and employees.