Health & Hygiene Solutions for your Business to protect from COVID-19 in Bali

Please find here the products available to ensure compliance with Health & Hygiene measures for your business to protect customers and employees from COVID-19 epidemic and adapt to the "New Normal":

Automatic Dispenser

Freestanding or wall mounted automatic sanitising dispenser (foam sanitiser or alcohol gel) to reduce the risk of germs being transferred between users and to help create a more hygienic environment. They can be customized and include your business Logo for example.

Temperature Screening

Fully automated and precise body temperature measuring system, without any direct human contact, easy to install and operate and that can be integrated with regulated channeled accesses.

  • Thermal Scanner

Disinfection Chamber

Fully automatic, portable and environmentally friendly walk through disinfection pass channels that spray sterilizer liquid as people pass through to sterilize their clothes and belongings.