COVID-19 Protection Business Solutions in Bali

In this difficult time of COVID-19 epidemic, we understand there are new needs for your business to prevent COVID-19 spread and be back in operation in the safest way in the post-COVID world.

This is the moment to react and adapt.


We bring all the solutions for your business to protect from COVID-19 and return to the New Normal:


Space Solutions

Keeping social distance in shared public spaces and following existing regulations is priority number one to prevent from Covid 19 infections. This involves:

  • Redesigning your space layout.
  • Including floor signs and markers.
  • Installation of hygienic physical barriers.
  • Regulated access sytems.

Health&Hygiene Solutions

Public health access control, disinfection of public spaces and keeping personal hygiene are of utmost importance in the battle against the Covid 19 epidemic. This involves:

  • Access Control Sytem with Temperature Screening
  • Disinfections Systems
  • PPE Protective Personal Equipment for employees
  • Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Digital Solutions

Digital technology allows to do multiple contactless and remote operations, operate online, monitor the occupancy of the space and provide AI robotics support. This involves:

  • Contactless Book, Order and Pay Systems
  • Queue Management System
  • People Counting System (space density or occupancy)
  • Time Limitation System
  • Self Service Kiosks
  • AI Robots