24. February 2021
How to own Property in Bali - Como adquirir Propiedades en Bali -Freehold versus Leasehold (Hak Milik, Hak Sewa, Hak Pakai, HGB)
Before investing in Property in Bali Island it is important to understand the regulation regarding property ownership by Foreigners in Indonesia and the different options or modalities. Here there is a summary, in English and Spanish, for information purposes only.
08. February 2021
Jubilarse o retirarse en Bali, como hacer su sueño realidad!
Bali es el destino preferido para jubilarse, con un clima tropical ideal con sol todo el año, con las playas mas espectaculares al alcance, un ambiente internacional único con todas las comodidades y sobre todo la disponibilidad de atención médica en hospitales internacionales privados.
19. January 2021
How to buy or lease the right land plot in Bali Island?
If you are planning to buy or lease a land plot for your villa or resort project in Bali Island, this is the checklist for the land plot inspection as part of the due diligence process.
19. January 2021
Do you need a Personal Property Consultant in Bali to buy your dream land plot or Villa?
Now under Covid-19 epidemic traveling or staying in Bali (Indonesia) is a real challenge. We are here ready to help you find a new property, either a land plot or a Villa. We can also help you find the best business opportunity in Bali (ex. Cafe, restaurant, Villa rental, SPA, etc..).