COVID-19 Prevention Business Solutions in Bali

In this difficult time of COVID-19 epidemic, we understand there are new needs for your business in Bali to prevent COVID-19 spread and be back in operation in the safest way in the post-COVID-19 world.

Because this is the moment to react, innovate and adapt to the next future.


Thanks to our Partners, we bring all the solutions for your business; Hotel, Store, Restaurant, Office...

to protect from COVID-19 and return to the "New Normal" in Bali Island.


Here are the solutions for existing and new hospitality, retail and business spaces:

space interior design covid 19 social distance Bali

1.Spatial Solutions

Keeping social distance in shared public spaces and following existing regulations is priority number one to protect customers and employees from COVID-19 epidemic. This involves:

  • Redesigning your space layout
  • Installation of hygienic physical barriers (ex. Customized freestanding movable or fixed partitions, PVC antiviral rollerscreen or hanging divider, countertop shield with opening)
  • Regulated walk through access control sytems

hygiene solutions covid 19 Bali

2.Health&Hygiene Solutions

Public health access control, disinfection of public spaces and keeping personal hygiene are of utmost importance in the battle against the Covid 19 epidemic. This involves:

  • Access Control Sytem with Temperature Screening
  • Disinfections Systems (Disinfection Chambers)
  • Freestanding or wall mounted automatic sanitising dispenser (can be customized with Company Logo)
  • HEPA Filters / Air ventilation systems

Bali covid 19 business digital solutions

3.Digital Solutions

Digital technology allows to do multiple contactless and remote operations, operate online, monitor the occupancy of the space and provide AI robotics support. This involves:

  • Contactless Book, Order and Pay Systems
  • Queue Management System | Shopping Appointment System
  • People Counting System (space density or monitor occupancy)
  • Time Limitation System | Limit Occupancy System
  • Products, Services or Menu Display Systems
  • Interactive Self Service Kiosks
  • AI Robots (Aid, Health, Hospitality, etc...)
  • Food & Beverage Robots
  • Web and App Development (Go Digital|Go Online)

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