How to buy or lease the right land plot in Bali Island?

Checklist for Land Inspection in Bali

You may be perhaps planning to purchase or lease a land plot in Bali to build a stunning villa or your dream home?


Getting the right land is the most important part of the process, to ensure the success of your project.


In order to get the land, there are many Real Estate Companies in Bali that offer a broad selection of properties for you to select and visit beforehand. We work with our Real Estate Agent Partners, so we can also give you the right contacts if you need some help here.


Once you have selected your preferred land plot, it is essential to conduct due diligence of the land property before taking the final decision for buying or leasing the land in Bali to avoid any risk. The due diligence process generally involves checking the rightul landowner and land certificate, legal encumbrances, taxes payments, leases registered over the land, IMB Building Permit (for existing buildings), zoning verification, land boundaries and legality of access road. Due diligence can be performed by your legal advisor or by a Notary.


Additionally, when visiting the land options you may need independent support or advise on the technical aspects related to the villa project construction. Our team here in Odisea Bali can help you with the land inspection. Just contact us and let´s make the appointment!


Here below are the important technical aspects to consider for the selection of the perfect land plot for your villa project in Bali:


+ LAND LOCATION: You may have your own preferences for the land location ex. beachfront land or ricefield view land... as well as the area ex. Canggu, Sanur, Nusa Dua...the land location is very important specially when planning to invest in a touristic rental villa.



  • Size of access road
  • Type of access (private or public road)
  • Access characteristics (paved, asphalted, earth road, etc…)


  • Check existing benchmarks and their location
  • Size of land boundaries
  • Perform site survey for benchmarks position confirmation and land size verification


  • Type of terrain (flat, slope, complex, etc..)
  • Check the slope of site (for earthworks, drainage requirements, stepping of footings...)


  • Cohesive or no cohesive (rock, limestone, sandy, clay, etc..)
  • Infiltration characteristics (for septic tank and soakpits)
  • Water table high or low (wetland, ricefield, etc..)


  • Best position for the Villa to maximize natural light, views, privacy, etc…


  • Proximity to Electricity Grid PLN and feasibility of connection


  • Availability of PDAM Water
  • Deepness of borewell (if no PDAM available)


  • Drainage conditions of the land
  • Exterior Drainage Channel
  • Flooding risk areas & Sub-soil water levels
  • Nearby streams or rivers


  • Distance to the land plot



We only provide general information for the public. For full expert legal advice we recommend you to always contact a Lawyer or Notary in Bali Island.