Do you need a Personal Property Consultant in Bali to buy your dream land plot or Villa?

Your Personal Property Consultant in Bali

You might be planning to build your own dream villa in Bali, invest in a rental villa, open a business or just buy your holiday home in this beatiful Island of Bali.


The ugly reality is that now, under Covid-19 epidemic, traveling and staying in Bali (Indonesia) is quite a challenge.


But the good news, is that we are here to help you find your new land plot, villa property or business opportunity!


Thanks to our extensive network in the Real Estate, Property Development and Private Businesses, we are able to select the best options according to your requirements and needs. We can also visit the properties or business that you might be interested in, on your behalf, and send you detailed videos and photos together with exhaustive inspection reports, so you may plan for your project.


We are your personal property consultant, therefore we keep absolute neutrality in the process, being just focused on our Client´s interests.


If we can help you, please don`t hesitate to contact us via email so we can organize an online meeting to discuss your needs.


Let`s talk!



Project Manager & Property Consultant